Mrs. Wizard understands how the Internet works and how it can be used for your business. She does more than just build web sites. She researches your target markets and will help you create an Internet presence. Using personalized web design targeting your markets, she will give your business an identity and influence how potential customers perceive your products and services. The tools provided as part of your unique website encourage visitors to respond to your offerings. Mrs. Wizard is devoted to helping businesses tap the great potential of graphic design on the Internet.

Personal webs can be just as important as business webs. If you have a hobby, or passion you would like to share on the Internet, drop me a note. She can help you get started by answering your questions, and pointing you to the right software to use if you want to learn to create your own pages. She has even been known to put up the first page for some and coach them through the learning process of web design. She is happy to help a little or a lot, whatever you need.

Mrs. Wizard will be happy to help with everything from getting a domain name registered, designing your site, setting up email, and finding web hosting packages.

From a very affordable 1 page web to a full site, Mrs. Wizard can help!

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Web Design Services

Theme Design

It all begins with a unique theme, designed with you in mind and tailored to your specific web needs. From custom graphics to interesting layouts, Mrs. Wizard becomes your personal design tool so your ideas can be shared on the web. She can make it so.


Every site has its own navigation challenge. Mrs. Wizard strives to make sure your visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. All links to web sites outside of your own are tailored to open in a new window so your visitors will never be lost.

Search Engines

Search engine optimization is an important part of every web Mrs. Wizard develops. Every page is designed and developed with the top search engines in mind. There is lots going on behind the scenes on every page the visitor will never see, but the search engines will. At the close of every web development, each site is submitted to the top search engines. Mrs. Wizard can give you sound advice on many things you can do to increase your visitor numbers. All you need to do is ask.


You can't get where you are going until you can tell where you've been. Every web site Mrs. Wizard develops is equipped with an invisible stat counter. You will have a user id and password to access your statistics any time you wish. It is a terrific tool to help you decide which pages are more effective.

With your invisible stat counter, you will be able to see where your visitors are coming from, which pages they visit, how long they stay and much, much more! 

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